What we do

Maven Dental Boyd Street (formerly Boyd Street Dental) is a preferred provider of HCF and MBF.  We welcome Veteran's Affairs patients and those on the EPC or Medicare program.  Our practice is an accredited "Medical Emergency" practice and we are competent to deal with medical emergencies should they arise.

Our practice is geared towards prevention.  It cannot be stressed enough how important prevention is.  Unfortunately dental disease is still very prevalent in our community.  This is caused by diet and biological factors.  Some people are prone to dental disease more than others.  Regular visits to your dentist are important because any problems are picked up early and they don't develop into more serious problems like root canal treatment or abscesses. 

Apart from prevention another one of our areas of special interest is in rehabilitation dentistry with the total wellbeing of your mouth our priority.  Often teeth are eroded or worn down and this should be restored to give you back full functionality of your teeth.  Other problems present themselves when the occlusion of your teeth is incorrect.  Headaches, sore jaws and joints (TMJ) are often associated with badly run down mouths with poor occlusion.

We have been serving the local Tweed/Coolangatta community for over 25 years.  Our dental practitioners are highly skilled and keep up-to-date with the latest treatments and methods.  Our practice is well respected and trusted.